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    Say Goodbye to Missing Out and Hello to our Flourless Cake Range

    Picture this:

    You’re at a party and it’s time for cake.

    The host brings the cake around the corner, oh boy it looks delicious.

    Sadness rolls over you, once again you’ll have to look and not touch.

    Damn your beautiful body’s inability to correctly digest gluten.

    You sing happy birthday, and the birthday girl blows out her candles.

    The host has handed you a piece, they’ve known you 10 years, they know you can’t eat gluten… rude.

    You say, “oh no thanks, I can’t eat it”.

    But wait, they’re smiling.

    “Yes you can! It’s a Francese from Brunetti Oro, it’s flourless!”.

    It’s a tale as old as time (or at least a common occurrence in recent history), with just over 1 in 10 Australians avoiding gluten in their diet for one reason or another. This is why Brunetti Oro created a range of Gluten-friendly, flourless celebration cakes, inviting the gluten-sensitive back into the celebration.

    Flourless Cake Options

    After something chocolate? We have several to choose from. For mousse based chocolatey goodness try the caramel and crème brulee centred Francese or the creamy dark and white chocolate layers of the Chocolate Mousse. Alternatively, give our flourless chocolate sponge cake options a go with the ultra-chocolatey Chocolate Soufflé or the decadent Pistachio and Cherry Black Forest.

    Chocolate cake not your thing? We have flourless cheesecake too, our fluorescent green San Remo is sure to catch your eye and tickle your tastebuds with its tasty strawberry centre and pistachio sponge base.

    This range of delicious options means that no matter what cake your sweet tooth craves, Brunetti Oro is sure to have a flourless cake to suit you.

    PLEASE NOTE: While these cakes are flourless, and therefore gluten-friendly, there is a risk of cross-contamination and as such, they are not recommended for people with severe gluten allergies.

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