Stokke Take Away Cup Black 12oz

Stokke Take Away Cup Black 12oz

From $39.90

Shatterproof Ceramic takeaway cup that holds beverages hot for up to 3 hours and cold for up to 6 hours. Odorless with no metallic aftertast and a beveled rim for a seamless sipping experience

Preparation Time

Our products are prepared in a kitchen that handles nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, and gluten. We cannot guarantee that our cakes are 100% allergen-free.
Caffe Bar +

Caffe Bar ($3.50)

Vespa Family +

Vespa Family ($3.50)

Two Men +

Two Men ($3.50)

Vespa Couple +

Vespa Couple ($3.50)

Two Girls +

Two Girls ($3.50)

Prosecco +

Prosecco | Fasoli Gino, Veneto Italy (Organic) ($49.90)

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