Whilst staying true to our culture and Italian heritage, Brunetti Oro 1956 represents the new generation, bringing to life an Italian tradition with a twist on the old, and a touch of the new.
We invite you to visit us online or instore at Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD or Myer Melbourne to order our unique and renowned celebration cakes.
Brunetti Oro Flinders Lane

Flinders Lane

250 Flinders Lane,
Melbourne, VIC 3000
(03) 9069 3169

Mon   7am to 10pm

Tues   7am to 10pm

Wed   7am to 10pm

Thu   7am to 10pm

Fri   7am to midnight

Sat   8am to midnight

Sun   8am to 9pm

Brunetti Oro Myer Melbourne

Myer Melbourne

Level 3, Myer Melbourne Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
(03) 9069 3169

Mon   9.30am to 7pm

Tue   9.30am to 7pm

Wed   9.30am to 7pm

Thu   9.30am to 9pm

Fri   9.30am to 9pm

Sat   9.30am to 7pm

Sun   10.00am to 7pm

Brunetti Oro Brunswick HQ

Brunswick HQ

48-54 Weston Street,
Brunswick, VIC 3056
(03) 9069 3169

Mon   9am to 4pm

Tue   9am to 4pm

Wed   9am to 4pm

Thu   9am to 4pm

Fri   9am to 4pm


 ​163 Tanglin Rd,
Singapore 247933
(03) 9069 3169

Closed from 13 June till mid July