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Fast & Easy Cake Delivery Across Melbourne with Brunetti Oro

Brunetti Oro makes celebrating special moments magical by delivering stunning custom cakes across Melbourne. As a leading local bakery for over 60 years, their master bakers intricately handcrafted cakes with premium ingredients. So ordering that perfect birthday surprise or elegant wedding centrepiece happens with just a click from your phone or computer. This article will explore Brunetti Oro’s cake varieties, online ordering ease, custom creations, baking secrets, real customer stories, and everything explaining how Melbourne’s favourite cake shop brings joy to your events, even at the last minute!

Celebrating Life’s Special Moments with Brunetti Oro

Striving to make life’s special moments sweeter and more memorable for over six decades, Brunetti Oro bakes cakes with quality ingredients that match their fresh, flavourful taste. The family team pours care into every order – whether it’s a small anniversary surprise or a large multi-tiered wedding cake feeding 150 guests. They know the names and faces of regulars who celebrate year after year while welcoming new customers like old friends. This warmth and personal touch shine through beautiful cakes delivered across Melbourne daily.

Why Choose Brunetti Oro for Your Celebration Cakes

Brunetti Oro has been chosen repeatedly as Melbourne’s top cake shop because of its:

  • 60+ years of perfecting flavours and decoration techniques
  • Large variety of cake and filling choices meet any preference
  • Stunning cake designs with handmade edible flowers/decorations
  • Custom cakes made affordably to match your unique celebration theme
  • Online ordering and effortless same-day or next-day delivery

With quality, convenience, and craftsmanship perfected over decades, Brunetti Oro simplifies gathering friends and family around sweet surprises worth sharing and remembering.

A Glimpse into Brunetti Oro’s Most Popular Cake Varieties

While Brunetti Oro offers over 40 cake creations across their in-store displays, website, and by custom order, below are some all-time favourites you must try:

Chocolate Mousse:

Creamy white and dark chocolate mousse on a flourless chocolate sponge, with crispy chocolate pearls in the centre – Y.U.M


Italy’s favourite cake – Layers of coffee-soaked vanilla sponge with sweet mascarpone cream, dusted with cocoa powder.

Chocolate Souffle:

Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, this rich cake is made with layers of flourless chocolate sponge, dark chocolate mousse and fresh chocolate cream.

Brunetti Oro Rocher:

Our best selling Rocher cake, with creamy milk chocolate mousse with a hazelnut cremaux center on a flourless chocolate sponge with a milk chocolate glaze, and hazelnuts.

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake:

Decadent Oreo biscuit base topped with creamy white chocolate cookies and cream cheesecake.

Almond and Orange Torte:

Flourless orange and almond sponge laced with Cointreau and glazed with apricot jam.

Ricotta Nutella Cheesecake:

Smooth baked ricotta with the indulgent swirls of Nutella, all set atop a crisp shortbread biscuit base. 


Deliciously nutty, layers of moist chocolate and hazelnut vanilla sponge with fresh cream and nutella ganache, all coated in crushed hazelnuts.

Con Amore:

A raspberry delight! A soft chocolate sponge cake with a hint of raspberry jam, topped with dark chocolate and raspberry mousse and a creme brulee center cake all in red chocolate glaze.

With so many flavours spanning from chocolate decadence to fresh fruit and everything in between, Brunetti Oro delights every guest.

How to Order Your Cake with Ease

Step-by-Step Guide to Online Ordering

Thanks to Brunetti Oro’s convenient online cake shop, you can have a delicious cake delivered across Melbourne in just minutes via these simple steps:

1. Visit

2. Click “Order Cakes” and browse the beautiful cake pictures

3. Select your favourite cake variety and size

4. Choose a delivery date for either the same day or next-day arrival

5. Enter your address details in Melbourne, VIC, along with your contact phone number

6. Proceed to safe and secure checkout to complete payment

It’s that easy to surprise loved ones with a festive cake delivered straight to their door fresh daily!

Same Day vs. Next Day Delivery: What You Need to Know

Brunetti Oro ensures effortless, timely cake delivery Melbourne through:

Same Day: Order before 9:30 am, delivered before 5 pm anywhere across Melbourne

Next Day: Order before midnight for guaranteed next-day arrival

So even if you wake up realizing today is mum’s birthday, Brunetti Oro has you covered with prompt cake delivery to save the day!

Brunetti Childrens Cake Trucks

Cake Inspirations for Every Occasion

Brunetti Oro creates specialty cakes for endless celebrations, like:

Birthday Bliss: Cakes for Every Age

Kids Cakes – Choose fun designs like astronauts, fairies or dinosaurs complete with personalized writing and edible decorations.

Milestone Cakes – Mark monumental ages with elegant multi-layer or flower-adorned cakes worthy of champagne toasts!

Grand Cakes – Delight grandparents with retro classic flavours and decorative styles sure to bring back sweet memories.

Weddings and Anniversaries: Cakes That Say I Love You

Proposal Cakes – Pop the question with beautiful “Marry Me” engraved wedding cakes.

Wedding Cakes: Craft your personalized floral masterpiece cake feeding guests of any size wedding.

Anniversary Cakes: Celebrate years together with stunning carved heart cakes or edible flower arrangements.

Corporate Celebrations: Cakes for Success

Achievement Cakes: Cheer on work milestones with vibrant branded colours and motivational messaging.

Holiday Cakes: Organize festive office parties with yuletide log cakes or chocolate Sinterklaas delights.

Farewell Cakes: Wish retired or departing colleagues sweet send-offs with customized design cakes.

Brunetti Oro translates any special moment into a tailor-made cake creation reflecting personal tastes and the meaning behind celebrations worth remembering.

Specialty Cakes by Brunetti Oro

Gluten-Friendly and Vegan Options

Brunetti Oro offers specialty dietary cakes like:

  • The Flourless Orange & Almond Torte: – Perfect flourless cake for restricted diets.
  • Vegan Fragola al Limone: With plant-based sorbet, so even vegans can indulge.

So regardless of food limitations, Brunetti provides tasty alternatives everyone enjoys.

Gelato Cake - Vegan Fragola al Limone

Custom Creations: Bringing Your Ideas to Life

The Brunetti Oro cake builder tool allows ordering unique cake designs online like:

  • Custom Occasion Writing: Add names, dates, ages, and messages.
  • Themed Shapes and Colours: Match cakes to favourite sports teams, cartoon characters, and school colours.
  • Edible Photo Printing: Print custom images of loved ones right onto the cake surface.

With the flexibility to personalize everything from flavours to decorations, Brunetti Oro makes bespoke dreams a reality on your timeline.

Behind the Scenes at Brunetti Oro

Meet the Master Chefs

Behind Brunetti Oro’s cake excellence stands a team of passionate artisan bakers, pastry chefs, chocolatiers and gelato masters upholding the decades old recipes put in place by Brunetti patriarch, Giorgio Angele, as well as innovative new recipes. Respect for time-honoured baking processes blends with contemporary skills innovating elegant designs daily. You taste generations of refinement in their crumb texture, filling lightness and frosting balance. No automated mass production here – just thoughtful craftsmanship honed over decades spent perfecting their sweet craft.

The Secret to Brunetti Oro’s Exquisite Flavours

The legacy of Brunetti stretches many decades in Melbourne. The Angele family believes that cakes, like all cooking, stand or fall by ingredient quality above all else. A whole new level of thoughtfulness goes into sourcing the raw ingredients, from the finest quality nuts, fresh fruits and local dairy from Melbourne farms to premium Belgian chocolate and imported Italian flour. You can taste the integrity in richer chocolate decadence, fruitier preserves layered gently between airy sponge batters, and ethereal Chantilly cream whispering subtle vanilla back notes. This dedication to quality from the farm through to the decorated finale sets Brunetti Oro creations apart, bite after memorable bite.

A birthday cake with Gold Leaf on top.

Customer Stories: Love at First Bite

Unforgettable Celebrations with Brunetti Oro

Melbourne residents constantly share heart-warming celebration memories made even more meaningful with Brunetti Oro cakes personalized to their special day. Surprise proposals receive resounding “yes” answers when popped alongside precious customised wedding cakes. Yearly homemade birthday rituals get retired in favour of conveniently ordered custom cakes sparkling with names, candles, and colours loved ones adore. Multi-tiered centrepieces feeding entire receptions seamlessly match floral themes, wowing guests upon the first bite. Across life’s most meaningful social occasions, both intimate family gatherings and extravagant public events, Brunetti Oro intertwines generations through reliable excellence.

From Brunetti Oro Customers: Why We’re Their Top Choice

In their own words, Melbourne locals passionately explain why Brunetti Oro earned space on their family’s weekly visit or big-day vendor shortlist:

“We only want the best for celebrating our children’s milestones with something meaningful, memorable, and delicious too – nobody meets such high expectations for us across so many years like Brunetti Oro.”

“Convincing my fiancé I could DIY our wedding cake felt silly when the cakes in Brunetti Oro’s Wedding Range are so affordable, and the professionals at Brunetti have been perfecting edible artistry since before my parents got married!”

“I inherited my Nonna’s handwritten recipe book with our family’s southern Italian cake recipes. But I often don’t have the time to slave over the recipes. Luckily Brunetti have mastered the art of recreating such nostalgic flavours and textures, so they’re my go to for when I want the authentic tastes of Italy.”

“Buying supermarket sheet cakes seems so basic in comparison to the masterpieces at Brunetti Oro. Their easy to use site helps me arrange incredible delicious cakes, wowing my team while still keeping effort low as their internal admin.”

However your circumstances and preferences vary for celebrating personal milestones or cultural traditions, Brunetti Oro meets the need beautifully thanks to expertise built across generations nurturing Melbourne’s most meaningful food memories.


For over 65 remarkable years spanning families, fashions, and unforgettable occasions big and small, Brunetti Oro remains Melbourne’s cherished local cake shop pouring love into celebrating lives’ brightest moments. Thanks to their convenient online ordering and same-day delivery, surprise loved ones, colleagues, newlyweds-to-be, or yourself without hassle! With so many mouth-watering flavours and designs to explore, a world of customisable cake creations awaits your order today.


Can I customize my cake order?

Yes, Brunetti Oro encourages fully personalizing cakes. Their online Cake Builder lets you tailor flavours, shapes, writing, photos, and decorations. You can also email custom requests.

How far in advance should I place my order?

You can order months prior for special event planning or on the same morning as the occasion for last-minute needs. Brunetti Oro accommodates both advance and immediate delivery requests.

What are Brunetti Oro’s delivery areas?

Brunetti Oro delivers across wider metropolitan Melbourne. Orders must be placed before 9:30 am for same-day delivery or before midnight for next-day arrival within delivery zones.

Do you offer gluten-free or vegan cakes?

Yes, specialty dietary cakes can be ordered including flourless like our almond tortes perfect for gluten-free diets and sorbet cakes, part of our gelato cake range accommodating both restrictions.

Tips for choosing the perfect celebration cake

Consider the special preferences and dietary needs of who the cake is for. Find the right flavour, shape, writing, and décor elements reflecting the person, milestone, or occasion theme. Have Brunetti Oro assist if unsure what cake style suits an event best.

How to preserve your cake if ordering in advance

Carefully follow Brunetti Oro’s storage instructions included with cakes to prevent drying. Typically cakes ship in boxes and protective containers for short-term refrigeration keeping frosting firm and sponge cake layers fresh until party time.

Contacting Brunetti Oro for special requests

Phone or fill out the online form to get in contact with Brunetti Oro’s online shop-friendly customer service team with any questions when ordering. They happily assist in selecting cakes or creating fully custom designs tailored to your exact celebration vision and practical needs.

Can Brunetti Oro send cake interstate or overseas?

Currently, Brunetti provides orders within 50km of our Brunswick HQ. However special requests can be made by directly contacting their customer service team for options of sending signature cakes a little further. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stretch interstate or overseas just yet.

If you’re looking for Brunetti cakes elsewhere in Australia a special range can be found in select United Petroleum stores around the country.

Brunetti oro online store

Order before midnight and have your cake delivered the next day

Ready now! Order your Celebration Cake for Delivery or Pick-up TODAY

Find the perfect gift for any occasion or celebration

Build your own unique celebration cake and have it delivered to you

Order before midnight and have your cake delivered the next day

Ready now! Order your Celebration Cake for Delivery or Pick-up TODAY

Find the perfect gift for any occasion or celebration

Build your own unique celebration cake and have it delivered to you



With loved ones straight to your door

You will soon be able to customize and create your own celebration cake for any occasion or as a gift, at the click of a button.
Your unique cake will be expertly made to order using highest quality ingredients and craftsmanship in true Italian tradition. And delivered to you with minimum fuss and maximum convenience.

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Custom cake’s will require 10 days from point of payment. Please allow for this when planning your order.