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And that’s the Tea ☕

Brunetti Oro are famous for our coffee, and for good reason. However, what you may not know is we also have a range of teas, perfect for those out there who prefer a different kind of brew. Sourced from Sri Lanka our teas were hand picked by tasters, ensuring complete premium quality. Each tea comes in triangular shaped teabags, designed with more room than traditional teabags to allow for a faster, more flavourful brew.

If you’ve ever visited us at Myer Melbourne or Flinders Lane you may have noticed these teas on our menu. You may even have tried a cup and thought to yourself, damn that’s tasty… well, good news! You can find 20 portion packets of some of our delicious teas in our online store, ready for you to pour yourself a cuppa at home in your favourite mug.


English Breakfast Tea

Everybody loves the classics and Brunetti Oro’s English Breakfast Tea is just that. A single estate unblended tea, it boasts a coppery full bodied flavour with a soft and musty aroma. The perfect companion to a hearty breakfast or as a mid-day energy boost.

Brew time: 3-5 minutes

Brunetti Oro English Breakfast Tea_1
Earl Grey Tea

Another beloved classic, the regal Earl Grey is black tea with a twist. The Brunetti Oro Earl Grey Tea features a full-bodied black Ceylon blend which is naturally flavoured with fragrant bergamot to bring out a sunny citrus flavour. Its high caffeine content makes this tea another perfect pick-me-up.

Brew time: 3-5 minutes

Brunetti Oro Earl Grey_1
Peppermint Tea

A quick google of Peppermint Tea and you’ll soon discover that it is essentially a magic potion with endless benefits. Brunetti Oro’s Peppermint Tea is a soothing herbal infusion that will leave you feeling minty fresh. Try a cup after meals to help reduce bloating and aid in digestion. Plus, it’s naturally free from caffeine so you can enjoy at any time of the day or night.

Brew time: 3-4 minutes

Brunetti Oro Peppermint Tea_1
Green Tea

Known as gunpowder green tea, the tightly curled leaf balls of this tea resemble grains of gunpowder. Made from the Camellia Sinensis plant, Brunetti Oro Green Tea is prepared differently to our black variants resulting in a strong, refreshing flavour.

Brew time: 2-3 minutes (over-brewing can cause bitterness)

Brunetti Oro Green Tea_1

Add a touch of class to your morning tea by pairing any of these tasty tea’s with our assorted mignons, eclairs or biscuits. Or looking for a gift? Why not snatch up a 6 pack of our Brunetti Tea Cups, the perfect vessel for the perfect brew.

Brunetti Mignon 8 Pack_3

Find these and more online now:

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