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Colomba Italian Easter Cake From Brunetti Oro: A Delicious Cake With An Amazing History

Colomba Italian Easter Cake is the perfect cake for Pasqua – Italian for Easter.

This traditional cake has a long history. In Italy, it symbolises peace and renewal. Colomba is often served after Easter church services. Many churches also hand out this cake as a gift to parishioners.

The word Colomba translates to dove in English.

How Is Colomba Cake Made?

Just like the Italian Christmas cake Panettone, a traditional Colomba is made with yeast -which actually makes it fall somewhere in between a cake and a bread. Added to the yeast mixture are eggs, butter, sugar, almonds and candied fruit.

Before baking, the cake is shaped into a dove. This has been interpreted as a symbol of peace. However, in Italy, flocks of doves also represent spring.

Colomba is enjoyed with a cup of coffee but don’t be surprised if it is served to you with a glass of sparkling wine.

The History of the Colomba Cake

As with almost all Italian cakes, there are stories and legends associated with the origin of the Colomba Easter Cake.

The most recent tale to be told comes from Milan. The Milanese like to claim the cake as their own and believe it was created by a baker from Milan in the 1930s. However, more than likely, the tradition of serving Colomba cake goes further back in time.

Colomba cake has been served in Italy for a very long time. Many Italians believe it was first created in the 6th Century and served by a Lombard King to his enemy from Francia.

The Lombards reigned in the Lombardy region in Italy up until the 7th century. The capital of the modern Lombardy region is Milan. Perhaps this is where our 1930s Italian baker comes in.

Another theory is that the Colomba cake was created by a Milanese baker in the 12th century. It is rumoured an unknown baker created the cake to celebrate Milan’s victory over Roman emperor Frederick Barbarossa.

One thing is for sure, the dove has for a long time been a symbol of peace.

Colomba Cake in English

In English, the cake is often called the Dove cake. Colomba di Pasqua is the modern name for the cake in Italy.

It is baked in different sizes ranging from small to large. In other Mediterranean countries such as Spain, you come across the Colomba cake in the shape of a dove with a foiled-wrapped chocolate egg added to its centre.

The cake is either topped with candied fruit or confectionary sugar. How it is topped varies a great deal and seems to depend on local traditions.

How Is Colomba Served?

Italian bakeries and supermarkets are full of Colomba cakes well in advance of the Easter celebrations.

Just like the Italian Christmas cake Panettone, Colomba is a must-have cake in Italy.

On occasion, Colomba cake is eaten and enjoyed with breakfast – just before the family sets off for church. However, most of the time, it is eaten later on in the day.

It tastes great with coffee or a glass of wine. In most countries such as Australia, Colomba cake is enjoyed with a coffee. But, that being said, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the cake with a glass of wine as many Italians like to do.

Is Colomba A Dessert Cake?

Traditionally, Colomba cake is not a dessert cake. Although sweet, it has many ingredients in common with Panettone. You probably appreciate the flavours of a traditional Colomba cake more when enjoyed as a snack or with a cup of coffee.

Though variations exist that enhance the sweetness and make the cake more dessert-like. Some variations see the sweetbread filled with chocolate gianduia, pistachio cream or even gelato.

Can I Buy Colomba Cake in Melbourne?

You most certainly can!

If you would like to add an Italian Easter tradition, all you have to do is head to Brunetti Oro.

The team at Brunetti Oro believe traditions are important. They love nothing better than to add traditional Easter cakes and sweets to their range of delicious cakes at Easter.

If you would like to try a Colomba cake, you can order the cake from Brunetti Oro. Choose to pick up the cake from your local Brunetti store or have it delivered to you.

While you are browsing the Brunetti Oro website, take the opportunity to check out their other Easter treats and premium Easter eggs.

The Last Nibble

Brunetti Oro makes exceedingly delicious Italian cakes. Order a Colomba cake but don’t forget to add more sweet delights from Brunetti Oro’s extensive menu.


Soft, zesty and perfectly fluffy with candied fruits and almonds, enjoy with a espresso or prosecco for a true Italian experience.


With chocolate chips and injected with choc hazelnut gianduia, this extra sweet Colomba is perfect for chocolate lovers.


A colomba with an extra special twist – filled with millefoglie gelato, milk chocolate gelato and white chocolate ganache.

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Order before midnight and have your cake delivered the next day

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